Sunday, May 18, 2008

OC Veggie Meetup @ The Veggie Grill

Chicken Sammich
Saturday, May 17 was the first Orange County Veggie meetup that Alia and I have organized. This group was previously the OC Vegan meetup, but the meetings were lackluster and in the past month since the last meetup, 4 organizers came and went.

Alia and I jumped at the opportunity to take the lead and make sure things are done right. There was a lot of confusion about when and where the meetup would be taking place, but mostly due to Alia's work on this, everything was straightened out and I must say, yesterday's meetup was a HUGE success.

Everyone met at The Veggie Grill in Irvine, and the food and atmosphere, as well as the service was awesome! We had been hoping for 5-10 people to show up, but instead, 30 people attended! It seems there is a lot of latent veggie energy in Orange County. We met at 5:30 and everyone had such a wonderful time socializing, talking, hanging out, and eating that we didn't leave till 10:30 at night! And we would have been there longer if the restaurant hadn't closed. It was really a fun time, and I'm really excited for future meetups.

I was so hungry that I started eating my food, completely forgetting to take a picture! I remembered halfway through, so I got a shot of at least one half of my chick'n sammich. Once again, the food was absolutely phenomenal.

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