Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Heathenfest! I dig both Belphegor and Kivimets├Ąn Druidi. With all the emphasis on Norwegian/Swedish black metal, it'll be cool to see a black/death metal band from Austria, which is where my family comes from.

On a separate note:
I saw KMFDM this past Saturday. They sucked so I'm not going to bother with an entry. Too bad, their music is so good but they didn't say a single word to the audience except a quick thanks at the end. Its like they were pissed off to be performing.

My friend Kate whored me out for free KMFDM stickers though. If you have a KMFDM tattoo they were giving away free stickers. So I got a bunch and gave some out.

Friday, October 9, 2009


From Music

Satyricon was sooooooo amazing. Its so refreshing to see a band that truly appreciates their fans.

Frost was of course, amazing on drums. One of the very best drummers out there.

There's nothing like the energy of a metal show. They played all the songs I was hoping to hear and capped it off with Mother North.

When they did Fuel for Hatred, Satyr said he wanted the pit to be more insane than when Immortal last played in LA, and it was. I got knocked over and landed on someone. People were helping us up pretty quick though so it was no big deal.

So anyway, it was the best way to start off the string of concerts for this month, although for me, none of the rest will compare.

From Music

From Music

From Music

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

True Norwegian Black Metal

black metal book

I've been wanting to buy this book for some time now, but it came with a hefty price tag (well worth it, the book is HUGE). I found it recently used for only $20 so I snapped it up.

Glad I did! Interesting book and beautiful photography. A very intimate look at a very distinct subculture.

Tomorrow I have tickets to see Satyricon! Can't wait!