Sunday, May 25, 2008

Favorite Cereal

Hey everybody! I've been lazy these past few weeks! At least as far as posting any recipes. I've been cooking plenty, and experimenting with new recipes, but I guess I've just been a little too busy living life to stop and take a few pictures. Between juggling a job that I love, yoga, and cooking, I've been a very busy (vegan) bee. But I have been trying new recipes and I wanted to perfect them before photographing and sharing them. So, I haven't been entirely lazy! Upcoming recipes I'll be sharing are: Yogi Bhajan's Onion Soup recipe, Vegetable Beet Casserole, and some more German/Yugoslavian/Croatian traditional dishes that I've veganized. Can't wait to share!

My stereo was on, and somewhere between listening to The Cure and Depeche Mode, the idea of making a blog entry about my favorite cereal combination popped into my head. I love to mix Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus with their Organic Hemp Plus Granola cereals. So delicious! And the soy milk adds that extra zing that makes this my preferred breakfast item.

I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend is going great!

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