Friday, September 25, 2009

Portrait of Norway

Could this be Norway's newest tourism marketing video??? It has a real family appeal, if you ask me :)

Song is by the excellent band, Kampfar and the song is called Norse.

I've been very busy with school - java programming is not much fun. But I did get a chance to make one of my favorites last night: Edgar Allan Po Boys

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Dying Fast

Went to Target to pick up some contact lens cleaner and I was ambushed by their aisles and aisles of Halloween and Autumn decorations.

Lets just say.......I spent waaaaaaaay more money than I had intended, but I got a ton of decorations for my apartment. My living room is just about finished, so I just need to give some attention to my room.

I even managed to find some medieval looking wall sconces to hang on either side of my tapestry. Score!

I kinda needed this though, my spirits have been dismal this week. I have not been a very happy person and I'm not sure why. But maybe things will get better now.

halloween color tea candles
From Drop Box

spooky placemats
From Drop Box

the wall across from my tapestry and tv
From Drop Box

my tapestry with candles (the scones look uneven but its the angle of the photo and the way the tapestry hangs)
From Drop Box

Friday, September 11, 2009

Attack of the Kittens


I has a kitten. This little guy (or girl) moved in to my backyard about a week and a half ago with its mom. Mom was very protective and pretty much took over the back yard. But I haven't seen the mom in a few days and the baby was getting very vocal. She's got a set of pipes on her.

So I was worried that she'd starve to death. Again, I haven't seen the mom in a few days so I'm wondering if she was killed or just decided to abandon her little ball of fluff. I lured her out from behind the tree and gave her some special formula milk for cats, just in case she was hungry. I tried a syringe but she didn't like that, so then I tried dipping my finger in the milk but she started gnawing on my finger, so then I put the bowl in front of her and dove right in, lapped a bunch up.

Now she's exploring the cozy laundry basket I prepared for her and almost climbed out. I'm going to call a no-kill shelter I got the number for and have them take care of her.

Any advice on how to take care of a small kitten would be welcome.

I'm calling her Skadi for now, but I will NOT get attached.....even though she's really cute and makes the most endearing little squeaks :)