Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rise of Frankenstein

Last night I braved the madness of Hollywood to see Frankenstein perform.

Spending $20 to park, $12 per drink and $10 cover charge is not my idea of a good time.....we had to park a seriously long distance from the venue and walk, but by coincidence we parked next to a vegan restaurant. Lots of hassles.......but Frankenstein made up for it!

They played an awesome set and announced a new album. That's a big deal because they've only really released one album ever. Dave Grave, the singer pointed at Valerie and I about halfway through the set and shot us with a load of silly string.

It was a fun night of punk deathrock psychobilly mayhem, with a horror movie twist!

Having imbibed a drink or three....or four (I lost track), I woke up with a killing hunger, so this morning I made my favorite post-bash breakfast: the dreaded Mexican Country Tofu Scramble. It filled my belly and gave me the energy to focus on my thesis, which I've been procrastinating on!

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