Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trobar de Morte

I am the happiest person in right now.

Just found and bought Trobar de Morte's 2 latest albums, both of which are very limited pressings. I've been on an epic quest through chasm, cave and titan woods for a few years now, trying to find a copy of Reverie without any luck, but yesterday my luck changed. I found someone selling it, brand new(!).

Not only did I find Reverie, which was "sold out" before it ever even became officially available (the cd burner on their computer must have died after making only a few copies haha) but also Legends of Blood and Light, which is their newest album and also pretty difficult to find, limited to only 3000 copies. Maybe they finally got around to pressing some more?

Anyway, this is a triumphant day, I just got 2 albums from one of my most favorite medieval groups :)

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Anonymous said...

okay just how adorable is the name of your blog!

nosferatofu! lol

congrats on finding rare albums. it's like x-mas!