Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sprouts Day 4
So aside from my new favorite burger recipe, I've found a new hobby: growing my own sprouts. Its quite fun and easy, and incredibly nutritious. You truly are eating living food. Just imagine taking in all the vigor and power of life (prana, as the yogis say) in those little sprouts, the ability to (literally) break through a wall to grow and live. Its a great food, and tastes great too.

How did I grow my sprouts? Very easily, in about 5 days.

I ordered a sprouting jar, screen, and starter seeds from, and included in the kit are the instructions for growing the sprouts.

Sprouts Day 2Basically, it goes like this:

Soak the seeds in water for 8-12 hours.

When they've had their soak, wash them off and put them in the sprout jar and give them a good rinse again, ideally on the "spray" or "shower" setting of the faucet.

Keep the jar out of direct sunlight, at an angle (as seen in the picture at left), and rinse them every 8 or so hours. The rinsing is important, as it oxygenates them, and that's what helps them to grow healthy and delicious.

That's it!

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