Saturday, April 12, 2008

Native Foods Meetup

Greek Gyro

I went this afternoon to the monthly vegan meetup at Native Foods in Costa Mesa. It was slightly awkward, as nobody was really intermingling with people outside of the clique, but we ended up having a great time after all.

I brought my buddy Matt for his first vegan restaurant experience, and we met up with my other friend Alia (who introduced me to the wonderful world of veggies). Another latecomer joined us at our table, and we sat there for over 2 hours talking! It ended up being a great time. I got a new dish this time, the Gyro Wrap (pictured above), which was seitan "gyro meat", quinoa, cucumbers, and carrots in a hummus/mayo sauce. It was really tasty!

After that, I swung by a local camera shop to look at cameras and it looks like I found a good camera in my price range. So I'll be having better quality pictures soon, hopefully! After the camera store, we went to the gigantic Whole Foods in Tustin, and.......bumped into Alia there. Nice coincidence!

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