Friday, March 6, 2009


Somehow I got to reading about Antarctica this morning and I'd love to live/work there for a little while. I think it would be really cool! (no pun intended) Not sure if they'll ever need a librarian, but I do hope to go there on vacation one day, although I still have mixed feelings about that......Antarctic tourism creates pollution in the relatively pristine environment down there.

Of course, this lead me to listen to Immortal's tribute to the frostbitten southern wastes. I am always inspired at the part where he sings (growls) "shadow of Antarctica spreads, with its....masses...of.....PERMAFROST"


Anonymous said...

yep would be cool! just caught watchmen last night and they had a scene the was set in Antarctica.

You could build a library igloo:)

There is a hotel built entirely of ice...your dream is possible:D

Vegan On Stage said...

that would be pretty cool