Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast Sammich

breakfast sammich

Finally I've had a bit of time to make something new and actually photograph it! I have been so busy the past few months with writing my thesis, serving as webmaster for 2 different library associations, lots of work projects and trying to fit in some form of social life. My yoga has been slacking a bit lately as well, but I'm almost finished with my thesis, so I'll soon be back on track with regular blog updates as well as yoga.

I found myself earlier in the week having a weird craving for McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. I used to love them since I was a kid, and while I definitely don't miss them, thinking of eating one still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. So, Bob Marley playing on my car stereo, I hit the grocery store and picked up supplies to make my own. (no idea what Bob Marley or reggae has to do with breakfast sammiches, but I thought I'd throw that in there....and no I wasn't suffering from a case of the munchies haha)


tofu (I used sprouted silken tofu because that's what I had on hand, but I'd recommend firm or extra firm)

veggie sausage patties


black pepper

garlic powder


sage (ground)

English muffins - I used Ezekiel sprouted English muffins and they were delicious

slice of dairy-free cheese


Cut the block of tofu in the center, height wise. Get out your round glass to make circular tofu patties. That part brought back good childhood memories of making Popeye Toast. Hmm.....maybe that's an idea for a future recipe? Fry up the round tofu patties as you would any other tofu, adding the seasonings to your taste.

Pretty easy! Because I like to have a hearty meal once a week, I added veggie gravy, avocado, hash browns and some tempeh bacon as sides. In the picture, the first tofu "egg" patty kinda almost looks like a grilled pineapple; I had a little accident when I was transferring it from the pan to the muffin...oops. Boy was it good......but I'll be doing some extra exercise this week to work it off!

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