Monday, November 17, 2008

OC Veggie Meetup @ Veggie Grill

OC Veggie Meetup
Sunday afternoon we had our monthly Veggie meetup. It was once again at the Veggie Grill, and it was, once again, very delicious! I got the bayou chicken sammich. Their steamed kale salad looked really good, and I was almost wishing I had tried that.

As usual, I forgot to bring my camera, so I have no pictures of what I ate, but fortunately someone else brought their camera and got some group shots.

One of the cooks came out and thanked us for having our meetup there and saying lots of good things, and he gave us a couple complimentary carrot cakes for dessert. That was the highlight!

As usual we had some great conversation. Next month will most likely be the last time I attend before I move to Washington, so I'm enjoying it while I can, but I've already joined the Seattle vegan meetup, so I'll be making new friends quickly :)

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